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Saturday, August 26

Time: 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM EDT

The Five Steps to Freedom - Grow Profits, Develop Your Team & Free-up Time

Learn the secrets of successful entrepreneurs on how to achieve financial freedom from your small business, deliberately and methodically.

By Aaron Venable, Founder and Business Coach of Venable Consulting, Inc.


The Everglades Room
Coral Springs Office Evolution
3301 North University Drive
Coral Springs, FL 33071



In Just Two Hours, You’ll Learn:

  • Four reasons why 90% of small businesses fail in 10 years and what to do about it
  • How to change your mindset to an entrepreneur and reduce your stress
  • Five Stages of Business Development, from Creation to Freedom and where your business measures up
  • 22 Best Practices that work like magic at transforming your business and propelling from Creation to Freedom
  • Five Key Performance Indicators that you can improve immediately to Increase Profits by at least 68% per year.
  • How to build a team that you can trust to help you run your business so that you can get some time back for yourself
  • How to create a persuasive value proposition that removes risk and compels your ideal customers to do business with you, instead of your competitors, because you are different from the rest.
  • An Aggressive plan to stop the bleeding of cash by temporarily cutting all non-critical expenses while driving sales above break-even by selling existing inventory or service capacity to cover operating costs, debt service, and personal drawings.
  • A reliable system for placing your team members in roles best suited to their strengths and building them into a powerfully cohesive and committed team that delivers business results.
  • An Efficient plan to quickly collect your outstanding receivables, get your customers to pay faster, and negotiate better terms with your vendors so your bank account always has plenty of cash in it.
  • A practical plan to win the battle for top talent by consistently generating more than enough leads, screening out non-performers, and using a skills-based test-drive process and psychometrics to choose team members that deliver results.
  • An ongoing plan for rallying your team around a commitment to eliminate wasted time, material, and movement so you can dramatically improve operational efficiencies, cut production costs, and compete more effectively.
  • A deliberate plan to identify the ower value tasks in your schedule and train team members to do them for you so you can focus on the tasks that add more value to your business.
  • An intentional plan for developing high-potential leaders in your business, incentivizing their long-term commitment with profit-sharing, and laying the groundwork for your eventual succession.

Bring up to 3 employees and some business cards to network with other small-midsized business owners.

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